Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Koh Phangan - UV paint, mopeds and beach parties!

26th Dec 2012 until 27th Dec 2012

On Boxing Day, Laura, Laith (Laura's best friend), Andrew (Laura's brother) and Paul all arrived and we sucessfully managed to sneak two of them into the room! We then just chilled for the day, and got ready to go to the next party, which was a waterfall party...

Well, it wasn't much of a waterfall and the music was trance, but we had fun anyway! Got some cheap buckets in, tried to dance, Andrew and Paul got some ultra-violet paint; Andrew got an Angry Bird painted on his back, and Paul, well, god knows what he was but it was blimmin' scary!!

I ended up meeting Bossa again and we decided to head off to Haad Rin to the beach party there, where we partied til sunrise (it was about 8am when the guys had to head back to their hotel to check out), we also visited Coral Garden's pool party but I don't remember much of that! And then I went with him and Jason that morning to view a house they were going to rent for the remainder of their time there! It got to about 10am and then they took me home, luckily Jason was following as I was on Bossa's bike and the tire blew out! So Jason took me most of the way on his bike after that and then I got a taxi as we got lost! lol

27th Dec - Nikki's last night!

I got back and around lunchtime we decided to rent out bikes to go to Haad Rin for food and shopping (we needed some clothes for the actual full moon party tomorrow and also some UV paint.) Nikki didn't come with us she decided to just chill for the day. We got 4 bikes, I wasn't sure about riding one so I rode on the back of Laith's. We got lost on the way to Haad Rin and while we were down a really straight road (most of the island is super hilly) I decided to give riding a go...huge mistake!

All was going well until I started to get off and didn't realise my hand was still on the throttle, it revved forwards and I tried to stop it, then it revved forward again and luckily I managed to get off it before it fell down the embankment and hit a coconut tree (literally wedged in). I was taken with it, as I was still holding onto the handle-bars trying to stop it from falling, luckily it missed crushing my leg and just cut me instead! Phew! So after that I trusted Laith 100% and didn't trust myself at all!!

We made it to Haad Rin (me and Laith only just made it up the massive hills on the bike - it couldn't take our weight, though the hills are very steep!), had lunch in a local restaurant and then went to grab some full moon t-shirts, alcohol and UV paints. Then we headed back, but got lost in the process and ended up all splitting up, Paul eventually found us again and Laura and Andrew had completely disappeared. We waited, we searched Thong Sala, but in the end we decided the best thing to do was to head back to the resort and hopefully Laura and Andrew would show up there soon enough. Thankfully they did!

We all got ready, painted ourselves and got a Songthaew into Haad Rin at around 11pm for another beach party! Me and Nikki spent a good hour in the sea messing around, while Paul held all our bags lol. Laura, Laith and Andrew had their own sea-frolics! Then we danced for a bit, ate shite loads of food from all the BBQ places along the bars, for a ridiculous amount of money. Saw Bossa and Jason again but they went to party along the beach somewhere else (we loved Cactus Bar too much to move!). Then we all just danced on tables and messed around (I was too drunk to remember much - Nikki, Laura - is there anything major I missed?) Ended up heading back at around 5am, Nikki had an early morning boat back to the mainland to catch a flight to Bangkok as she was headed to Koh Chang for NYE. So we ended up messing around for a bit at the hotel - there was a rule in our room that we weren't allowed to lock the bathroom door - so you can imagine what happened when we all had showers and went to the loo! Laith walked in on me that night and just went to the loo in front of me - we also walked in on Andrew taking a shower and took a picture - evidence below!

Then collapsed on our beds - the boys on one and the girls on the other - we obviously got the bigger bed so all you could hear was 'Laith get your arse away from mine', 'stop spooning me', 'move to your side of the bed', 'stop hogging the covers', whilst us girls slept like princesses! 

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