Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Oh I wish it could be Xmas everyday - when the sun is shining + the Sandman's here to play...!


Yep, still didn't feel like Xmas, even after waking up and listening to Xmas songs while Nikki opened a couple of little presents her parents had sent her. We went for breakfast and luckily it rained while we were eating.

Then our plan for the day was to chill on the beach, make a 'Sandman' snowman equivalent and then go for a dinner later before heading to Haad Rin for the Christmas 'Full Moon' party, a pre-party before the actual Full Moon Party on the 28th. So we did just that!

It took us a good two hours to make our Sandman, and then we posed for pictures in our santa hats and Xmas sunglasses...

He was a hit with all the tourists and countless people took pictures and commented on how awesome he was, cos we're just that cool! Then we just chilled on the beach all day, met a really nice girl called Cherry, who was teaching in Thailand too like Nikki so we spent the rest of the afternoon with her. A dog came up, first wee'd on and then destroyed our Sandman, Nikki had to chase him around the beach to get the santa hat off him! 

Then it was time to skype the parents to wish them Happy Christmas and to have our Xmas Day meal. We were hoping to get some meat and something potato-y with veg and maybe a curry, so it was our own Thai version of an Xmas Meal...didn't turn out that way though, it ended up being BBQ meat with a few chips and a side salad...oh well! We watched an amazing Xmas day sunset - perfect end to a good Xmas day...

...Then it was time to get ready for the Christmas Day Full Moon beach party! We drank while we decorated and then put on our bright clothes - it's mandatory to go as bright as you can to these parties! Donned our Xmas hats and sunglasses and sat in the back of a jeep, reminiscent of our times in Thailand 2 years ago, on our way to Haad Rin on the other side of the Island about 45mins away! Because it brought back memories of Thailand 2011 when we rode through the jungle on the back of jeeps/pick-up trucks, we decided to start singing the songs we sung then at the top of our lungs (spice girls mainly), and recorded a video for Beryl and the gang - though as Nikki's phone/camera broke this night, we sadly no longer have this video :-(

Then we rocked up and made our way to a UV Paint stall and got ourselves glow-in-the-dark painted-up and went in search of a stall selling buckets of cheap alcohol. While we were there two New Zealand guys - Bossa and Jason - approached us on their bikes (they were pro bikers), and we got chatting to them. They were really nice guys, me and Bossa particularly hit it off. They took us on their bikes down to the entrance to the beach, by Tommy's resort and then we hit the beach party with them. We got some more alcohol at one of the many bucket beach stalls lined all the way down the beach, and headed towards Cactus Bar (an awesome bar with tables on the beach to dance on!) which from this night became a regular favourite. 

We then somehow ended up near the sea, Nikki had disappeared and Bossa was about to chuck me in the sea before I warned him I had my phone and Camera on me so he thankfully put me down. Along came Nikki from out of nowhere, running out of the sea, screaming, "My Iphone and Camera are ruined!!" Turns out some random guy, whilst I was talking to Bossa, had picked her up and thrown her in the sea, before she could warn him about everything she had on her. Consequently her Iphone and Camera were soaked and no longer worked!! So this really dampened the night (oops no pun intended), to be fair it was around 3am by this point so it wasn't like it ended early or anything! And the guys were so nice, they drove us on their bikes to the police station as we wanted to get a crime number for her insurance company, which was shut. Then they gave us a lift home, though they couldn't find our area as it was too far, so they dropped us at their hotel, where we then had to try and find a taxi to get us back to Haad Yao where we were staying.

Turns out only one taxi per half hr comes past, and the guy was going to charge us a fortune, so as we refused to pay that much, he just dumped us in the middle of nowhere! We ended up having to walk 30mins into Thong Sala, the main pier town where a really lovely local guy took us to his car and gave us a really cheap lift back to Haad Yao - Local to the rescue! We then tried to dry out Nikki's electronics, had showers and went to bed!

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