Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A day at Manly

Today we saw that the weather was nice so we decided to take the ferry over to Manly. We woke earlyish and set off after breakie, walked down to the harbour where we had a mad dash of 5mins to get our tickets to make the ferry. Sods law we had the slowest ticket machine where you could only get one ticket at a time. We luckily made the ferry with seconds to spare. We got snap happy as the ferry offered some amazing views of Sydney and the Opera House.

It took around half hr to get there then a quick walk down the high street, where we bought some xmas hats, and we were presented with a gorgeous beach. So we spent the day sunbathing, (Andrew applied factor 50 every half hr) and chilling on the beach.

We saw everyone posting photos of xmas trees, mince pies and festiv photos for the start of December so we decided to pee everyone off and get our own in our santa hats on the beach! Happy December/monday ya'll!

We then went back to the hostel (took what seemed like a mission to get back) cooked a massive vegetable pasta and went to bed early as we had to get up early for our Coastal walk tomorrow.

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