Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Coogee to Bondi Coastal walk

Today was a fantastic day so we kept to the plan of heading to Coogee to do the Coogee to Bondi coastal walk and spend the day at Bondi beach, then have a night out in the evening.

We went to get bus tickets from the newsagent next door and he told us there was a direct bus from the next road up...there was not. So we went back and he said 'oh sorry its actually from Oxford Street'. Thanx mate, thanks alot! So we had a 15min walk to the bus stop and as we got to the traffic lights...the bus drove past us. Luckily we only had a 10min wait for the next one.

Once we got to Coogee we started the walk straight away as it was 11am and starting to get hot. The walk is 6km long along the coast between Coogee and Bondi. You pass through Gordon's bay, Tamarama, Bronte Bay, a graveyard (?!) and ends at the most famous beach in Sydney. The scenery is simply stunning and we made regular stops for photo ops, water top ups, and perv sessions for Andrew, which is why it took us 2 and a half hrs to walk. But its nice to take your time. Once at Bondi we got lunch from the salad bar Laura had taken me to when we did the walk last week when I stayed with her and we decided to lie on the grass opposite the beach as we weren't in the mood for sand today.

It was a great perving session - Bondi is Sydney's best surf beach so there were tons of hotties out. We then took the bus to Bondi Junction and the train back to Kings Cross, before buying some more Goon and getting ready. Unfortunately the social area was packed so we had to pre-drink in our tiny room. We tried to find the roof terrace, but it must have been locked or we'd gone the wrong way as we couldn't find it. Though it gave us a chance to bond with Spanish dude, we broke through and got a little convo out of him. He was from Argentina, had come on a holiday in March, decided he loved it so much he applied for the visa and came back in August. Just wish he'd dish the slut. She'd told us the other day to be quiet at 9am, because she'd been working til late, even though we all heard her stumble in drunk and knock the fan over, oh and plus, it's not ur room lass! Go back to your own bed.

Anyway, rant over. We went out around 10.30pm, and took off in the direction of Oxford Street for a gay night but unfortunately it was pretty quiet. We managed to find a camp kareoke bar so stayed there for a drink and couple of songs, there was a drag queen hosting the competition with the biggest boobs ive ever seen!! We then decided to head back to a hotel at the end of our street for 'Coyote Tuesday'. It was expensive - a round of drinks cost us $30! And bout half hour in I bumped into Jay, one of the guys in our Gili T gang! Bex managed to attract the attention of just about every guy in there. And we all danced the night away and the night ended with a typical maccy d's.

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