Thursday, 5 December 2013

Last day in Sydney

We had a long lie in then did a little packing. We'd arranged to meet Tanya for lunch and coffee before we were to leave, so we set off to meet her for 1pm, but we took a different route to change up the usual commute, which turned out to be longer but took us through a nice park. We met Tanya at a cafe below her work at Circular Quay/CBD, and had lunch, a coffee and a catch up before she had to go back to work.

We then felt lazy and the weather wasn't great so we just went for a stroll through the botanical gardens and went back to kings cross as we wanted to book the next part of our trip so everything was sorted and paid for.

Luckily Peter Pans was next door to our hostel and I'd heard tons of people had used them and recommended them. So we went in and they put together an itinerary for us, showed us the tours we'd be doing and we booked it all! In an hour we had our whole east coast trip up until xmas planned and paid for! We booked our accom in Cairns, a day on the great barrier reef and green island (i won't be diving it but will be coming back to do a liveaboard later on because...) we then have a skydive booked for the next day, and they chucked in a free ultimate party bus around Cairns that eve. We then have a hungover day to visit the zoo and lagoon before our night bus down to Airlie beach, gateway to the Whitsundays. A day in Airlie beach before a 3 day 2 night cruise around the whitsundays, we can also try out paddle-boarding! Then Andrew will be leaving us (sob) and me and Bex will continue down to do Frasier Island before flying down for Christmas in Sydney! We decided to skip castaway as we'd have our fill of islands and didn't have time for both that and frasier island. So i'll probs do that after coming back up to dive the great barrier reef.

For all of this, tours, accom, skydive, buses, it came to $1300!! Bargain, i may actually have some cash left over after we finish to play with before having to work again! We then went back to our hostel, showered and packed ready for our 5am wake up call tomorrow and then took the train to Darling Harbour.

As it was our last night we decided to have a nice meal at the harbour and then see the city at night. We found a super awesome restaurant, $37 for a glass of wine and 2 courses! You could order anything off the menu so we made sure to have the most expensive things. I had mussels in a spicy tomato sauce for starters and a 300g fillet steak with mash and red wine sauce - yum! We were stuffed after so we literally just got the train to the Sydney Harbour and took some pics of the city lit up at night then called it a night as we had to be up early for our flight to Alice Springs tomorrow!

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